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Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a daily pill that prevents HIV infection.

Finding A Provider

Truvada, the medication used for PrEP, requires a doctor’s prescription. There are a number of options to choose from:

      • Primary Care Provider – If you have a good relationship with your primary care provider (PCP) and are comfortable talking to them about your sexual health, your PCP can prescribe PrEP.
      • PCP unaware of PrEP or unwilling to prescribe? No insurance? Don’t worry. There are other options:
      • Family Planning Clinic – Both Planned Parenthood and Maine Family Planning are informed PrEP providers. They can do all the testing required and prescribe. They offer sliding scale fees and can coordinate with your PCP if needed.
           Click on image to download the CDC’s PrEP Factsheet.

Paying For PrEP

Will my insurance cover it? The answer is: It depends!

    • Insured – Coverage varies from company to company and plan to plan. Some companies cover it with a simple co-pay, some require that you meet you deductible first, while others offer limited or no coverage and ask the insured to pay out-of-pocket. Note: Truvada as PrEP is covered by MaineCare.
    • PrEP can be very expensive, even with insurance. If you’re insured but can’t afford your medication, don’t lose hope! There are assistance programs to help:

Uninsured – No insurance? No problem! Assistance is available:

  • STI Testing

    A PrEP prescription requires HIV and STD testing every three months but some insurance plans won’t cover this. This may be especially expensive for the uninsured. The providers below all offer affordable options and will work with your prescribing physician to make sure your records are updated.

    Note: If your provider isn’t testing you, ask them why not?! The STI and HIV testing is very important for your continued health! Also make sure they are testing all sites you have sex with (anus, throat, penis, and/or vagina).

    Planned Parenthood

    Maine Family Planning 

    Greater Portland Health 

    India Street Public Health 

    Still Need Help?

    Don’t qualify for assistance? Can’t find a provider? Need a PrEP friendly practitioner referral?

    Local Assistance: