FPC Testimony & Statements

Frannie Peabody Center provides and/or contributes to testimony for legislative action that has an impact on our clients and the community we serve. Below are some recent examples of statements made by FPC staff on behalf of the agency.

LD 214  || FPC Testimony  || An Act to Increase Funding for Civil Legal Services (2/18/19)

FPC Testimony on Statewide Role of HIVAC (1/22/2019)

Coalition for Health Funding Letter to Secretary Azar (10/4/18)

LD 837  ||  FPC Testimony  || Regarding Medicaid Expansion in Maine (4/9/18)

FPC Testimony in Support of 1115 Waiver – HIV Special Benefit Waiver (3/30/18)

LD 1707 || FPC Testimony || An Act to Reduce the Cost of Care Resulting from Blood-borne Infectious Diseases (1/17/2018)

Proposed Changes to MaineCare Waiver  ||  FPC Testimony (9/15/17)

MaineCare Reform  ||  FPC Testimony (5/26/17)

Maine HIV Advisory Committee

The Maine HIV Advisory Committee was established to advise the Governor, federal and private sector agencies, officials and committees, provide annual assessments on the emerging needs of the HIV-affected community, and report on the status of HIV in the state.  The committee is made up of advocates, community-based and medical providers, state representatives, and members of the HIV-affected community.

Current Executive Members: Kent Wotton (co-Chair), Stash Bayley, (co-Chair), Donna Galluzzo (FPC, Secretary)

Maine Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services