Support and Involvement

Getting involved with the HIV-positive community can help you connect to others, find support, and combat the feelings of isolation that sometimes come with an HIV/AIDS diagnosis. Frannie Peabody Center works with clients and case managers to find a variety of ways for people to get involved such as:

Peer Support Group: Facilitated by a Frannie Peabody Center employee, this small group meets on the third Thursday of each month. For more information, contact the main office.

Friends of Frannie: All kinds of social events are organized by Frannie Peabody Center and our community partners. Friends of Frannie is a mailing list that you can join to be notified of these events and volunteer opportunities. See our website for more information.

General volunteer opportunities: Your help and skill are always welcome at Frannie Peabody Center. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

State-level advisory boards: These groups include HIV Advisory Committee, Integrated Planning Committee, and state-run focus groups.

Other advocacy opportunities: If you’d like to get involved as an advocate for HIV-positive people in Maine and beyond, there are plenty of opportunities: write to your legislators, keep yourself informed, and talk with people in your community about issues that are important for people living with HIV/AIDS.