2020 AIDS Walk/5K Run Fundraising Tips!


Social Media: Keep an eye on Frannie Peabody Center’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and share our images and video related to the Walk! Make this photo your cover photo on Facebook!  Check out these sample tweets and Facebook posts to help you get started spreading the word. And don’t forget to share your fundraising page along the way.

Email: You’d be surprised what a quick note to a list of email address will accomplish! Whether you’re encouraging someone to join in or asking them to donate to your page, emails are a great way to ask for support, especially if you/they don’t take part in social media!

Host a House Party: Ask some friends and family to get together, grab some party snacks (who doesn’t love chips and salsa?) and ask folks to chip in $20 for your AIDS Walk!

 Start a Friends Team: What better way to spend a Saturday than with friends on the beach in May!  Grab your friends and register as a team!  



Matching Gifts: Does your employer offer a matching gifts program? If so, ask if they will match a personal donation or, better yet, if they will match your fundraising goal once you achieve it!

Jeans Day: Jeans Days at the workplace often raise money for various causes. Get the Southern Maine AIDS Walk/5K Run on the list, and submit the proceeds to your personal fundraising page!

Donation Jars: Sometimes the simplest desk accessory can be your best fundraising friend. Print out this photo, wrap it around a jar, and ask people to throw some donations your way!

Ask for Sponsorship: The Southern Maine AIDS Walk/5K Run has wonderful sponsorship opportunities with different levels accommodating the marketing needs of a variety of companies. Ask your company if they would be willing to become a corporate sponsor, and we will attribute that gift to your personal fundraising page! Call FPC at 619-8016 for questions or help to coordinate sponsorship.

Auction/Raffle Items: We’re always looking for items to raffle or auction leading up to the big day – ask your workplace for a gift certificate or special item, and call Frannie Peabody Center at 619-8016 to coordinate!  We’ll make sure your company gets an in-kind donation receipt, and the proceeds will be attributed to your fundraising page!


Where Does the Money Go?

Money raised through the Southern Maine AIDS Walk/5K Run goes directly to Frannie Peabody Center’s programs supporting people in Maine living with and/or at risk for HIV/AIDS. This includes medical case management, housing assistance, emergency support services, behavioral health counseling, and prevention services – free, confidential HIV and Hepatitis C testing, as well as education and outreach.

Annually, FPC serves over 400 people living with HIV/AIDS, performs over 500 HIV tests and provides over 7,000 outreach contacts. Frannie Peabody Center remains dedicated to financial transparency and fiscal conservancy, keeping agency administration costs below 13% through a growing demand for services.