Positive Resources

State HIV/AIDS Advocacy

If you are interested in participating in advocacy and community feedback opportunities that take place in partnership with other Maine providers and policy makers, please contact Caitlin Eldridge, Director of Operations at Frannie Peabody Center, or call 207.619.8025.

FPC Quarterly Open House

Every quarter, FPC offers an open house for members of the community to ask questions, voice concerns, and learn about program developments and agency plans for the coming year.  Arrival  is between 5 and 5:30 pm.  Entry is cut off at 5:30 to respect ongoing conversations. This event is open to the public.

To find out when the next open house is scheduled, or to submit an anonymous question or comment, please call 207-619-8013.

HIV Supportive Learning Group

Located at: 18 & ½ Crescent Street, Biddeford, Maine (Christ Episcopal Church)

This group meets on the first Thursday of the month from 4-5:30 PM and is open to HIV Positive clients of Frannie Peabody Center as well as other participants who can show verification of HIV positive status.  This group is closed to HIV negative individuals including partners of members.

The group is free of charge and a great way to learn about HIV health and social topics while connecting with peers in the community.

The group is led by Lisa Manganello, Case Manager at FPC and she can be reached for questions regarding the group at 207-807-4586.

FPC Advisory Committee

FPC invites clients, non-clients, and interested community partners to submit recommendations or ideas on HIV/AIDS concerns, services and related issues.  FPC will collect feedback and contact interested participants to convene a meeting quarterly to address the needs and priorities of the community.

Advisory Committee minutes will assist the agency with plans to address service gaps.  This information will be incorporated into the agency’s news and information outlets.

Please email or call 207.774.6877 ext. 8013 with any questions or concerns.

Friends of Frannie

Friends of Frannie is a diverse network of Frannie Peabody Center supporters, caregivers, survivors, friends, and medical providers. We work together to share information, advocate for change, and build a strong community to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Maine. To join, click here.