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More than 25 years into the epidemic, there is still no cure for HIV – the virus that causes AIDS – and AIDS is still fatal.

It is true that through advances in drug therapies and our understanding of their needs, people with HIV are living longer and with a higher quality of life. However, this means that there are now more people living with HIV in need of important prevention and testing services to protect others from infection. This also means that there are more and more people in need of life-saving HIV/AIDS related services.

Frannie Peabody Center is addressing these challenges of today’s HIV/AIDS epidemic with an unwavering sense of mission and commitment to responsible management. Frannie Peabody Center programs and services directly improve the lives of those with HIV/AIDS and the community at large.

Our staff and volunteers are inspired daily by the legacy of our namesake, Frances “Frannie” Peabody, who taught us that HIV/AIDS is a problem that cuts across socio- economic lines and affects us all. Frannie, who was touched by AIDS when her grandson was diagnosed with HIV, was 80 years old when she started down the road to becoming one of Maine’s leading advocates for HIV/AIDS services. This straight, white-haired, civic leader worked tirelessly until her death at the age of 98 to bring compassionate and comprehensive services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Maine.

We hope you will find inspiration in Frannie’s compelling legacy or in the proven outcomes of our programs and give to Frannie Peabody Center. Giving is the most direct way to help prevent HIV in our community and help people with HIV/AIDS manage the conditions that affect their health and quality of life.

When you give to Frannie Peabody Center, you provide resources for:

Prevention: Our prevention workers conduct more than 1,100 hours of outreach to more than 16,000 high-risk individuals in Cumberland and York counties in one year. Overall, it takes about 16 contacts to get one individual to take an HIV test.

Testing: Each year, we screen nearly 500 people for HIV through our free, weekly walk-in testing hours and other events. In addition to field testing, FPC offers low-barrier anonymous testing in a safe and convenient space in downtown Portland, at The Wayne Fette HIV Testing and Prevention Office at  1 Spring Street.

For people with HIV, testing is the first step toward protecting their health and that of their partners. For people who test negative, testing helps get them the information they need to stay safe.

Housing Services: Housing support through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development HOPWA Program (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS) provides assistance in the form of mortgage, rent, and utility payments for people living with HIV/AIDS. Housing stability is a key component of sustained health and the reduction of HIV transmission risk.

Case Management Services: Annually, we serve 400 people living with HIV/AIDS statewide. Our trained case managers provide referrals, transportation, coordination of care, support, and advocacy to help clients meet their medical, psychological, legal, job training, and physical needs.

Support Services: More than half of all our clients have accessed Frannie Peabody Center support services. These services help clients combat the isolation and stigma of HIV/AIDS and build community through social activities. For example, hold monthly community nights and holiday gatherings to bring people living with HIV/AIDS together. Also, we distribute more than 250 holiday food vouchers and regularly provide tickets to social and cultural events.

With your support we can do more.